What is Zendesk Software?

Zendesk is a popular customer service platform. Its cloud-based software is a great solution for businesses of all sizes to provide their customers with exceptional support. By creating an automated support experience, Zendesk allows businesses to focus on their customers and products instead of mundane administrative work.

It is a robust customer service solution for organizations of all sizes. One of its most impressive features is the help desk tool that it provides. Built to make helping customers more rewarding and personal, the platform encourages companies to become proactive in their interactions with customers and adopt a self-service approach.


Everyone’s got their own unique way of working! While some people prefer noting things down on post- it’s, others formulate to do lists on their emails or prefer scheduling it in their calendar. But when you combine multiple people’s workflows the differences in each can make it easy to lose track of things, leading to missed notifications, delayed meetings and other inefficiencies.

With work from home culture on the rise, the need for a smart system to account for work transparency and order is now even more prevalent than before.

Project management applications are tools that assist you to efficiently…

Facebook is one of the most popular and widely used platforms on the internet at the moment. After taking over WhatsApp and Instagram, It has been dominating the world of social media interactions. As a platform it has evolved dramatically over the years, and as a small/medium business owner or budding entrepreneur being active on Facebook can do wonders for your business.

Facebook algorithm is very advanced and enriched with data of over millions of users, making it easy for you to target and acquire the right kind of customers for your business. …

Hello Readers! So, let’s get started! In this article, we will tie together a lot of the concepts and techniques you’ve learned in React.

React Limitations

React is just a library, not a full-blown framework.

Its library is vast and takes time to understand

It can be a little difficult for novice programmers to understand

Coding gets complex as it uses inline templating and JSX

Virtual DOM Vs. Real DOM

Using Virtual DOM:

  1. You can directly update the HTML.
  2. It acts as a copy of the real DOM, which can be manipulated and frequently updated without refreshing.
  3. It can be synced with the real DOM with ‘react-dom.

Calendars are no longer those wall hanging monthly reminders of what festivals are coming up or what day is it. They’ve become an essential tool on all our phones and laptops, helping us stay up to date with life events and organize better. However, most of us are not making the most out of the Calendar on our phone because we’re either too lazy to update it manually or haven’t yet discovered their full potential. Whether you’re using Google or Calendly or any calendar app, with APIs unlocked the possibility to integrate them is in thousands. …

We will create a chatbot that will act as a city tour guide for the user or tourists. The chatbot conversations will include tourist conversations such as nearby places to eat, places to visit as example tasks. We will build a chatbot using various tools in the toolkit to create a chatbot that will perform these conversational tasks using Chatfuel from scratch.

  • Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) is one of the fastest-growing FinTech sectors and is changing the way banks operate.
  • BaaS providers act as intermediaries between banks and FinTech. By offering financial services to users, BaaS providers help empower end-users to take control of their finances by offering them more flexible banking options.
  • Banking-as-a-Service is an ecosystem with multiple components and industry leaders, each with different regulatory requirements. While each of these players should have access to banking data, privacy and security are paramount to keeping these consumers happy.

What is Banking-as-a-Service?

  • Uber and the State bank of India partnered to provide vehicle finance…

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A bot is a type of Slack App designed to interact with users via conversation. It is the same as a regular app: it can access the same range of APIs and do all of the magical things that a Slack App can do. But when you build a bot for your Slack App, you’re giving that app a face, a name, and a personality, and encouraging users to talk to it. Your bot can send DMs, it can be mentioned by users, it can post messages or upload files, and it can be invited to channels.

Creating a new project in Node.js

Let’s create one…

Digital transformation has been the buzz around all businesses this year, especially given the change brought on with the pandemic. Most businesses have shifted to selling through digital and are working on expanding their online presence, but doesn’t working manually towards a digital goal just sound wrong to you?

The fact that it’s time consuming, expensive and leads to more time being spent on administrative rather than strategic work is enough to bother any salesperson, but it doesn’t end there. …

Team Quickwork

The #1 integration and automation platform chosen by enterprises to build workflows, publish APIs, and manage conversations.

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